Assyrian  American  Association  of  Chicago


Assyrian  American  Association  of  Chicago  is  a non-for-profit educational,  cultural  and  charitable  organization

Since the birth of our organization in 1917, we have always done our utmost  to serve our Assyrian community, in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We have assigned ten committees for the welfare of the Assyrian people and  the promotion of our cultural heritage, assistance to Assyrians in need and support to Assyrian art and artists.




1 - Membership Committee: Strive to gain  new members, keep track of  membership due.

2 - Building Committee: To maintain the building, furniture and all other  assets.

3 - Entertainment Committee: To plan and arrange entertainment activities for each calendar year.

4 - Education and Assyrian Culture Committee:


A. Teach the  Assyrian language.

B. Establish a library and help publish and collect books about Assyrian and books written in Assyrian.

C. The inspire the needs of Assyrian unity without prejudice as to denominations, place of birth and nationality.

D. To promote the Assyrian culture and heritage around the world by means of shows and parades.


5 - Welfare Committee:

A. To raise funds for the Assyrians in need.

B. Work with governmental agencies to provide financial assistance to  Assyrian refugees around the world,  or help Assyrians to relocate to a safe country.


6 - Media Committee: To promote and announce organizational activities, bring awareness  and raise funds by means of television, Radio, website and other publications.


7 - Constitution and by Laws Committee:


8 - Planning Committee:


9 - Visiting Committee:


10 - Purchasing Committee: