Assyrian  American  Association  of  Chicago


Assyrian  American  Association  of  Chicago  is  a non-for-profit educational,  cultural  and  charitable  organization

Assyrian  American  Association
Since 1917


As the early waves of Assyrians settled across America, there was an essential need to weave back the fabric of the community together in an attempt to provide social assistance and create unity amongst Assyrian refugees and immigrants.


One of the pioneer organizations was the Assyrian American Association of Chicago. Established on November 2, 1917 by Rev. Joel Warda and Rabbi Pera Benjamin who came from Ellis Island, New York. The first President elected was Mr. Sargis Baba in 1918.


In 1919 the organization participated in the Paris Conference with two delegates as the representative of the Assyrian people. The delegates were, Rev. Joel Warda, writer of the book, "Flickering Light of Asia", and Mr. Ashur Joseph .

At  the Paris Conference Rev. Warda and Mr. Joseph talked about the Assyrian plight  in  homeland  -  Mesopotamia (Bet Nahrain).

For more than ninety years and 60 presidents,  the AAA mission continues, and the torch of nationalism, culture, and social services is passed down from generation to generation despite difficulties and setbacks.


The current leadership of the AAA  of Chicago is now more determined than ever to complete the task; learning form our rich and proud history, investing in the future of the upcoming generations of Assyrian children.


As proud and devoted Assyrians, we invite you to join this prominent Assyrian establishment as a volunteer or as a member.


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